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Smilie Emoticon Emotion Guide

What do I type to get Smilies Emoticons Emotions? :3 – Cute Curled Smile ^.^ – Happy Smile (o-.-)o –Dancing Smiley x_o – Beat-Up Smiley x_x – Dead o.O – Weird Smiley >.< – Angry or Crazy Smiley OwO –…

Origin of blab

  blab (blæb) — vb , blabs , blabbing , blabbed 1. to divulge (secrets) indiscreetly 2. ( intr ) to chatter thoughtlessly; prattle — n 3. blabber a less common word for blabber [C14: of Germanic origin; compare Old…


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Protected: How to trend on social media platforms

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Many of our free Services (including the blabme micro blogging service) are supported by ads. We also provide a variety of online advertising services through our advertising services to other companies that want to place ads on our Services and…


We knew that 100,000 extreme sports fans would be converging on LA live and the Staples Center for the annual madness that is the xGames & it’s summer festival xFest. Sponsored by Redbull (no idea how we would stay awake…

San Diego Comic Con

So after the success of our previous events with thousands of sign ups on our website blabme we decided to try to get more at #SDCC It’s the premiere event for Fanboys globally, anyone who is interested in comics, sci…

Coachella Music & Arts Festival

After the success of SXSW the blabme team decided to recreate the Summer of Love in the middle of the Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley. There are rarely any trains there, never mind direct ones, and the journey to…



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