San Diego Comic Con

So after the success of our previous events with thousands of sign ups on our website blabme we decided to try to get more at #SDCC

It's the premiere event for Fanboys globally, anyone who is interested in comics, sci fi or fantasy would love it. The main convention center is where most of the action takes place with the usual panel sessions and speeches going on. Of course the main attractions are in #hallH and this may as well be the most exclusive VIP room in the world, as to get into it you'll need to line up outside the day before! Yes, even if you are a fully paid up conference badge holder! The hall only has a certain capacity and it's where all the celebrity actors turn up to speak i.e where the best panels are. So get in line outside, there's only a certain amount of tenting there to cover you, so most people end up sleeping on the street. The well prepared have sleeping bags and mats to ease the hardness of the concrete sidewalk or a portable chair to sit on, either way hope the weather holds! So these hardcore fans are the ones blabme promo girl Nic (dressed as Supergirl no less!) decided to make friends with giving them invites to #blabme for their hardship...

hall H Love SDCC

hall H - Love

Big shout out to:
Chris B, Shame Y and Andrew Lee

Meanwhile inside the conference center Mr. Giant Robot did a great job of keeping the crowd entertained and got loads of peeps to signup online as well as lots of photos with our web address in them. Stomping around certainly attracts attention!

Mr. Giant Robot SDCC

Mr. Giant Robot

The highlight was chatting to Wesley Snipes (Expendables 3) and
Colin Ferguson (Eureka) at the Sin City 2 party on the roof of the
Hard Rock Hotel!

Stay tuned for more promotional events soon...


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