We knew that 100,000 extreme sports fans would be converging on LA live and the Staples Center for the annual madness that is the xGames & it's summer festival xFest.

xGames LA


Sponsored by Redbull (no idea how we would stay awake without it) it has everything you could want from a day out in the big city. Traffic on the freeway wasn't bad so we parked up our huge Jeep truck (Army green paint work) which has become our vehicle of choice for the blabme promotions and marketing events. It's so oversized that passers by can't help to stop and chat about it! Even the police aren't sure if it's road legal as it's wheels are so big.

Mr. blabme Giant Robot disembarked from the back and soon had a crowd of ticket holders asking what it was all about "Sign up on to find out" he said in a robotic voice all day long, sure enough it worked as we saw the number of signups grow massively.

Meanwhile inside the event with the promo girls we handed out lots of invitations and our sunglasses were as always were a big hit. People really want them on a sunny day and it's only fair to insist they signup there and then on their phones in order to take a pair away with them. The girls commented they were so popular because Wayfarers are the latest trend and we were bound to run out. By the time we got to the Scooter and BMX demo ramps we almost had - check out the freestyle action on the #blabme Youtube channel - our video of Ken Block got over 12,500 views! Probably due to the way he tears around in his souped up rally spec Ford Focus - amazing.

Ken Block

Ken Block

We brought things to a close by heading over to the bar near Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and celebrated another successful promo day. Many more to come!

Thanks for your help team


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